Xp not updating clock

29-Jan-2018 08:21 by 6 Comments

Xp not updating clock

ntpdate will set the clock correctly, then ntpd can keep the clock accurate.

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NTP is an industry standard and ensures accurate time keeping in your guest.

This is important for coping with large time drifts and also resuming virtual machines from their suspended state.

Note: The directive tinker panic 0 must be at the top of the file.

Read vmware_for thorough understanding of the issue.

Quick recipes for Linux could be found in a separate KB article Install NTP if you don't already have it.

This is an old issue but one that was affecting us recently.

What I found was that any of our vm's that were running vmware tools were affected by the issue.You may have to open the firewall (UDP 123) to allow NTP traffic.This is a sample /etc/ntp.conf: The configuration directive tinker panic 0 instructs NTP not to give up if it sees a large jump in time.An example of such a configuration is: Just to add some data about why NTPD is not a good solution.NTPD is a daemon that tries to compensate for the local clock drift; if the "internal clock" drifts away by X number of seconds in a day, then instead of jumping ahead/back like a forced command as in "ntpdate " NTPD tries to add/remove some cycles to the clock so that in time, normally within 15 minutes, the clock runs accurately enough and the compensation overcomes this X numbers of seconds that the servers gains/losses in a day.So in this case it's better to install the client tools as has been suggested, and synchronize the CLIENT clock with the HOST's clock (normally referred as the "wall clock") There is no definitive answer because several methods exist, each having its pros and cons.