Who is aaron carter dating

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Looks like they have plenty of time on their hands to cozy up -- Aaron's season is over after the Packers didn't make the playoffs, and Danica's set to retire soon.

However, when asked if the offer of the date still stands this week, the star admitted he was more than willing to give it a go, despite Chloe's public new relationship.

I have my confusions and I'm still learning about the community.'The former teen idol went onto admit he feels ready for a romance with another man, explaining: 'Who knows what the future has to bring, whether it's a relationship with a guy, I don't have a problem with that.'It's something that I've already thought about for the album after this one.

Aaron Carter's relationship with his brother Nick has been strained for more than a decade, dating back to their "House of Carters" reality show, the troubled singer said in a new interview.

He wrote: 'Hey @Chloe GMoretz - let's set up a date. The lovebirds initially dated in 2014 and again in 2016, before giving their romance a third try in September this year when Brooklyn moved to NYC to study photography.

However, Aaron has set his sights on Chloe just days after revealing he was ready to embark on a relationship with a man.

Carter, 29, opened up about his divide with the Backstreet Boy during an appearance on the "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" radio program Monday, recalling an incident that took place when he and his family tuned into their reality series in 2006.

"I remember watching the first episode and within 20 minutes, I saw my brother and his best friend making fun of me and my beats," Carter told Duran.There's something I'd like to say that I feel is important for myself and my identity that has been weighing on my chest for nearly half a decade." While their friendship remained decently quiet over the past year, their care for one another started to resurface after Aaron was hospitalized for being body-shamed by fans because of his weight.He announced that when he was 19, he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, a medical condition makes it difficult for him to eat.Aaron Carter breaks down in tears during performance at gay club "You don't even know me, Nick. "If my own blood truly cared about my well-being, why wouldn't he call me directly and have a conversation instead of making this about him through a very public forum? "That's not cool at all to use me for his PR and kick me while I am down.I love my family despite it through thick and thin." Aaron Carter says being with a man or woman is his decision Nick tweeted in response: "Hey @aaroncarter have @itsmadisonp text me your new number since you changed it again!The singer gave a candid interview to the LGBTQ&A podcast earlier this month, speaking on his difficult year and the freedom he now feels.