Validating sale of mortgage

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NRS 116.31085 Right of units owners to speak at certain meetings; limitations on right; limitations on power of executive board to meet in executive session; procedure governing hearings on alleged violations; requirements concerning minutes of certain meetings.

NRS 116.12065 Notice of changes to governing documents. NRS 116.3103 Power of executive board to act on behalf of association; members and officers are fiduciaries; duty of care; application of business-judgment rule and conflict of interest rules; limitations on power.

NRS 116.310395 Delivery to association of converted building reserve deficit. NRS 116.31043 Liabilities and obligations of person who succeeds to special declarants rights. Meetings and Voting NRS 116.31075 Meetings of rural agricultural residential common-interest communities: Compliance with Open Meeting Law.

NRS 116.31039 Delivery to association of additional common elements constructed by declarant or successor declarant. NRS 116.31073 Maintenance, repair, restoration and replacement of security walls.

NRS 116.31038 Delivery to association of property held or controlled by declarant.

NRS 116.31037 Indemnification and defense of member of executive board.

CHAPTER 116 - COMMON-INTEREST OWNERSHIP (UNIFORM ACT) ARTICLE 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS Part I Definitions and Other General Provisions NRS 116.001 Short title. NRS 116.3115 Assessments for common expenses; funding of adequate reserves; collection of interest on past due assessments; calculation of assessments for particular types of common expenses; notice of meetings regarding assessments for capital improvements.

NRS 116.31144 Audit and review of financial statements.

NRS 116.31105 Voting by delegates or representatives; limitations; procedure for electing delegates or representatives.

NRS 116.31088 Meetings regarding civil actions; requirements for commencing or ratifying certain civil actions; right of units owners to request dismissal of certain civil actions; disclosure of terms and conditions of settlements. NRS 116.311 Voting by units owners; use of absentee ballots and proxies; voting by lessees of leased units; association prohibited from voting as owner of unit; voting without a meeting.

NRS 116.11085 Provisions of chapter prevail over conflicting provisions governing certain business entities generally.

NRS 116.1106 Applicability of local ordinances, regulations and building codes. NRS 116.1108 Supplemental general principles of law applicable.

NRS 116.3105 Termination of contracts and leases of declarant. NRS 116.31083 Meetings of executive board; frequency of meetings; periodic review of certain financial and legal matters at meetings; requirements concerning minutes of meetings; right of units owners to make audio recordings of certain meetings.

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