Updating procedures

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Updating procedures - potassium argon dating

Do you have a preferred method for counsel to correct an electronically filed document that inadvertently contains personal information (as prohibited by Fed. No When filing documents with multiple attachments, do you prefer that the document be filed such that it is displayed with bookmarks within the PDF image?(This question only applies if such filing is available as a format for filing attachments in your District.) Yes Do you prefer that (non-trial) exhibits and depositions be filed conventionally as well as on CM/ECF?

Except for exceptional circumstances, I conduct plea hearings Do you have a regular plea deadline?The Court’s Initial Order and Scheduling Order for these cases set forth the deadlines and procedures Do you routinely refer discovery matters to a Magistrate Judge?Yes When a dispute arises during a deposition, is it appropriate to call your chambers or the Magistrate Judge’s chambers (depending on whether the case has been referred for discovery) to seek an immediate ruling?No IF NO, what is your policy regarding notice for trial during a trial docket (e.g., will you give at least 48 hours’ notice)?I will give counsel reasonable notice which may be one hour or one week notice depending on a variety of factors What is your practice or procedure regarding rescheduling trials that are not reached on a trial docket, e.g., will the trial date be automatically rescheduled on your next trial docket?Now the update is utomatically executed by an external program and during this process Logical DOC may become unavailable(the time depends on several factors but expect at least a couple of minutes).

Press Release - Jury Duty Fraud (Posted 1/4/2018) Press Release - Fraud Involving Jurors and Internal Revenue Service (Posted 6/14/2016) Press Release - Fraud Involving Magistrate’s Court Summons (10/16/2015) Press Release - Fraud Involving e Juror Scam (08/01/2014) Press Release - Fraud Involving Jury Fine Scam (Reposted 03/18/2014) Warning! Jacob Hasbun, Courtroom Deputy *Always verify with the Clerk of Court or the U. Marshal’s Service as to any procedures relating to the use of cell phones or other electronic devices at the courthouse. Do you prefer that (non-trial) exhibits be filed as separate docket entries (instead of filing them as attachments to the document they support)?

Will you entertain motions in limine prior to trial?

Yes If YES, what types of cases and what are the deadlines or procedures?

case will be reset during next trial docket unless the parties agree to a different trial period Do you conduct pretrial conferences?

Yes Do you conduct Daubert hearings prior to trial?

Yes; Counsel must submit a detailed explanation of the settlement and detail how the settlement funds are to be distributed between the plaintiff(s) and the attorney Do you automatically set civil cases for trial or do you wait for counsel to propose a time period in which a case should be scheduled for trial?