Updating firmware on macbookpro

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Updating firmware on macbookpro

But this is a detail that will only affect a few users – just be aware of the issue.Although Aperture won’t export all its metadata, there are ways around it: I am no Apple Script expert but I have an script which handles the colour labels and the flags.

Double-click this file and it should open in the Console application, and the most recent entries might reveal what’s going on.For instance, in Aperture the keyword “Packhorse Bridge” may be under “Lake District Valleys” and also under “Architecture Bridges”.Unless I’ve missed something, Aperture doesn’t save this information into the images and Lightroom can’t work out which keyword to apply and instead creates a new top level keyword.If you want your Aperture project structure to be reflected in the new folder structure, or want a date-based folder structure, Relocate Originals / Masters has suitable options.Once the files are in regular Finder folders, you can import them into Lightroom. Your Aperture keyword hierarchy should now be exactly reproduced in Lightroom.This article has been updated many times since I initially wrote it, and some great readers’ comments describe specific problems people encountered and provide valuable insights – as well as corrections to my text.

While it’s very hard to find the right balance of overview and detail to suit every reader, I really hope it helps you. I strongly recommend you click the Options button: I wouldn’t change the other options, apart from perhaps the top one.

If you want to try it at your own risk, let me know, but the manual methods do work.

Things can go wrong whenever you move between any systems.

Aperture’s File Relocate Originals (“Masters” in earlier versions of Aperture) is the menu command to move any managed files from the Aperture library or vault and put them into regular folders.

Choose a folder in Pictures or somewhere sensible, and then tell Aperture how it should create subfolders.

When you start importing the pictures into Lightroom, it will match their keywords to the hierarchy you’ve just imported.

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