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You’re not in a relationship yet, so don’t plan out your joint future when there’s still froth on his first pint. He does not want to hear that your mum would love him. If you fall up the steps or had bolognese on your cheek all evening, he’ll probably think it was cute. If he doesn’t want a second date, begging won’t work. If he chair makes a scraping noise, he’s terrified that you’ll think he farted. Start saying things like “I love New York, we should definitely go there one day” and he’ll recoil in terror. Men (and women) hate it when women (and men) answer their mobile on a first date. Ringing him up and saying “but please, I don’t normally talk about my ex all the time, I promise” is not going to change his mind.

In , Barney (who is now exempt from the group after Ted ends the friendship) rushes to be at Ted's hospital bed after a minor car accident. As Barney runs through the streets of New York, he reaches the hospital but is hit by a bus as he crosses the road.

Robin is shocked and refuses, then asks why he would think that.

After presenting his view on their similarities and chemistry, Robin agrees.

He requires surgery and his entire body is bandaged.

The severity of his injuries leads Ted to realise how silly he's being about Robin and tells Barney they aren't just friends, they're brothers.

After agreeing to date him again, he dumps her a short time afterward, the same way he did when they were teens, and Robin is left in a vulnerable state at the bar.

Barney sees her crying and comforts her, saying she's too awesome now as an adult to want to relive her teen years.

By Jane Hoskyn Women have a lot to think about on a first date. ”), not by bringing the subject round to you (“I’ve been to Mexico”/”Me too! If you find him interesting, he’ll find you interesting. If he wants to go halves on dinner, it doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t keen. Over-glossy Cheryl Cole locks make you look high-maintenance. He will fancy you more if you wear minimal make-up: a bit of concealer and mascara is all you need. Having your hair cut or coloured just before a first date is not a risk we’d recommend taking. Something to chew over while you wait the obligatory three-days-after-first-date before picking up the blower.

If it’s any comfort, he finds it all just as perplexing. Help the conversation along by prompting him to expand (“I’ve been to Mexico”/“Did you travel around much while you were there? He will find your hair far sexier if it’s got a hint of bed-head sexiness about it. Nor will he care if your mousy roots are showing through.

In , Robin's ex-boyfriend Simon travels from Canada to visit.

The gang dislikes his obnoxious nature and poor treatment of Robin (who reverts back to being 16 again when she's around him).

One of the first signs of their growing friendship is Robin agreeing to Barney's increasingly scandalous dares to say certain things on her news show, knowing no one is actually watching.

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