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Stars Van Winkle and Neitling were at Wonder Con to talk about the upcoming season, relating to their characters and how they get prepared for a day on-set.

Whatever scenes come first, I’ll make sure to put that on the top of my agenda.The storyline that they choose to write seems somehow to be current in worldly affairs. Marissa Neitling: You shoot so many things out of order that, for me, if I memorize it in one go then I get a sense of where I am in time and space because we will shoot pieces of episodes months later.There’s so much connective tissue somehow between this reality that we’ve created and actual reality. Marissa Neitling: I kind of do the whole episode at once. So for me, that helps if I memorize the whole thing.Travis Van Winkle: I feel like every time they see us were always like give us a little nugget. And so they know we’re searching for just the smallest little thread. I can imagine because they don’t want you to sort of mentally prepare for it.But yeah, they hold back from us, because it allows us to then take it in for the first time and we have to film pretty quickly after that. Marissa Neitling: Yes, as an actor, so you don’t accidentally playing the ending.How do you relate your characters and what do you have in common with them? I look at Danny Green and he’s got this idea in his mind of what he wants the world to be.

And I think I very much live, as Travis, my life in a way where I want to do my best to serve the world and to be the best possible person I can be for the world.on TNT—he has discovered something within himself: a zeal for service work. “It was more about me, me, me.” The blue-eyed, towheaded actor spent much of his young adulthood focused on building his career.But a few years ago, after seeing friends find fulfillment in charity work, Van Winkle decided to try volunteering himself.The whole idea is ‘Can we ever really fix all of the problems in the world?’ No, I don’t think so, but if we take action together, we can definitely make progress.” As if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, the actor will travel to Nepal later this year to help with another build On project.“We’re filming the process of us fundraising and building the school in Malawi,” Van Winkle says.

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