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-kepancasilaan: (Indonesian grammar) sth that permanently join together such as scissors, eye glasses, trousers are considered singular.

In Indonesian, if this word ‘breake’ happen to a part of sb’s body, people usually use it as a passive voice (intransitive).

company profile 3 building material (usually made of wood, fibreglass, cement) that has been shaped into a particular appearance and can be used as an ornament of the building such as at the corner between ceiling and wall) -berprofil: /frm/lu/ property 1 |equipments, accessories, tools that are used in shooting a film, tv serial, video clips, etc.| 2 |something that someone owns| propesi: variant of profesi: propesor: see professor: propil: variant of profil: propinsi: see provinsi: propokatip: variant of provokatif: proporsi: 1 the process of re-legalize sth |if sb build a house without a legal permission or certificate but later on the government gave it| 2 abolition (punishment) 3 wiping out (debt or other responsibilities) 4 whitewashing -putih bersih: Your Excellency. women) and, in some areas, to dangerous wild animals, e.g. -nenek kebayan: ./frm/lu/ |used to vary some of word that starts with “k” e.g.

Q Q; q K the 17th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesia and English – approximately sounds like k in kilo; key; kerosene; donkey; park; mark; khaki; talk |. kebut ® ngebut; kekang ® ngekang; kalah ® ngalah|, and sometimes it’s modified with me- e.g; ngebut ® mengebut; ngekang ® mengekang; ngalah ® mengalah This modification doesn’t make any difference in meaning but the words become formal; ngalah (inf) ® mengalah (frm) ngebet: letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian and English – approximately sounds like m in madam; damage; human; sample; tomato; remember.| M: 1 /written in uppercase/ 1 |the symbol of 1000 in Roman numerals| 2 abraviaton of Messiah (Christ) . Note: In English, “breakfast”, “lunch”, or “dinner” always stands as a noun in a sentence.

that is still in its natural state and has not been used or changed by people| 2 |the state of a girl that is without sexual experience| 3 |the condition of sth that never been used| -perawan sunti: power gaining-oriented politics.

Note: If you mean “policy” entry 1 (2) |a way of doing things that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party or organization| in some cases can be substituted with “kebijakan” e.g.

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q-: almost all words with q may also be written with k. Qahil: 1 symbol for Nitrogen 2 symbol for unlimited number n.a.: |the written abbreviation of “numpang alamat” identical to “in care of” in English, used when you are sending a letter for someone to another person who will keep it for him/her| /ld/ vulture 1 |a large wild bird that eats dead animals| 2 |someone who uses other people’s troubles for his/her own advantage| nasar2: see penasaran: nasarani: see nasrani: nasehat: see nasihat: nasi1: /frm/lu/ 1 grandmother, great-aunt. However, in Indonesian, “makan pagi”, “makan siang”, and “makan malam” can be function as a noun or a verb. makanya: variant of maka: makar1: /frm/lu/ proverbial fruit which brings bad luck to sb who is dear to the owner if he cats it and equally bad luck to another dear person if he does not eat it.

/prov./ bagai makan buah simalakama: damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.


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|all kind of musical instrument that you play by blowing into it| 2 bugle |a musical instrument like a trumpet, which is used in the army to call soldiers| 3 /infr/ speaker, communication channel. 2 demeanor |the way someone behaves, dresses, speaks etc.