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I was having a conversation with a gay friend of mine sometime back. I told him that I was very okay with a gay guy hitting on me. No vital parts, but definitely considered too close for comfort to most. Then I said that I would however, be extremely weirded out if a straight dude did the same to me for whatever reason.I told him about the time I followed some friends to a gay bar and there was this older, gay dude hitting on me. Maybe he lost a bet, was drunk or that he thought it was a dismissable act of bromance. He said most straight guys wouldn’t feel the same and that I had a high tolerance for gay people. Conventionally, if a person is homophobic, he is homophobic.

They may not be jumping gay people to beat them up or kicking them out of their houses, but the fact that this idea is in their head is bad enough.

You won’t label somebody as “different” if they’re left-handed will you? I can see that shocked look on your face as if I caught some disease.

Gay is not an epidemic So I like hanging out with gay people. (Side note: It’s easier to hit on a girl in a gay bar. Thus, the bad idea of gay being an epidemic stretches far and wide to everyone, gay people even.

But relax, this isn’t a serious issue, so to speak.

I’m not talking about bromance in the locker room or war veterans who say they love each other.

Being somebody who lacks empathy aside, he simply cannot tolerate the idea of another male getting too close to him, especially if it’s physical.

But this is how I see it: If a gay person fancies me, hits on me and even gets physically close, I take it as flattery. Even if somebody you hate gives you attention by annoying you, it’s still flattery as he sees the need to take out his insecurities on you. Whoever denies this truth is simply lying to himself.A call for more acceptance of the LGBT community Why is it still so hard for gay people to come out to their friends and family? Add in elements of religion, biology and whatever, we get a mess. Straight people who can’t accept gay people, it’s time to grow the fuck up.The content of one’s character isn’t based on one’s sexuality.The unfortunately silent straight guy movement It comes down to this.I don’t think anyone talks about this openly enough. There’re indeed a ton of straight guys out there who are evolving and yearning towards “gay behavior”, so to speak. I can’t say I have any experience in that, but I love taking a good shit myself.On the flip side, there’re also straight guys who’re silently homophobic. They may be tolerant, but they cannot accept just yet. ” And that is pretty fucking sad, especially since they’re unknowingly trying so hard to be like gay people in so many ways. Some of the gay guys I’ve seen, as they’re very fond of their own looks, work out a lot and have solid bodies. The silent and sensitive dudes need a little nudge.