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Why the knee-jerk factionalism, the mutual suspicions, the overheated accusations, the malicious lies and slanders?Why the increasing need to take refuge in boutique identities that separate us from those despised Let me tell you something about the demographics of that Alaska cruise.

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And of course, our shared identity as Americans, humans, and fellow-residents of a magnificent planet.What we’re left with, once again, is a bona fide Thoreau would never whittle down his rough edges to fit a mold, and neither should we.Neither should we whittle down other people’s rough edges so they fit our preconceived molds — or scorn them when they don’t fit a mold we personally endorse.I quickly noticed that the majority of our fellow-cruisers belonged to that much-maligned subset of humanity known as Middle Americans.I overheard the twangy Southern, Midwestern and country-boy accents, and I knew we weren’t in Philadelphia anymore.If we’re going to survive as a unified nation (and it’s probably in our best interest that we do), maybe we need to do away with molds altogether.

I know those molds help us make sense of a complicated universe, and I confess I’m guilty of resorting to classification-by-mold when I generalize about our political factions.Frizzy-haired, sandal-shod coastal progressives seemed to be an endangered species here.Although I like to think of myself as an all-embracing, non-discriminatory moderate, I dreaded having to sit down to dinner with these strangers from Trump Country. Almost without exception, they turned out to be friendly, decent, convivial tablemates.And I have to confess that after glimpsing Alaska’s primeval wilderness with its snowy peaks and midnight sun (actually midnight , since we stopped just short of the Arctic Circle), I’ve found it difficult — even distasteful — to muster an interest in our ongoing political squabbles.Yes, we still have a borderline loonie in the White House and rabid partisans firing upon each other from the trenches, but maybe that’s my point: why do we insist on ruining this paradise of a planet with our accursed need to create discord?And maybe that’s the key: we related to each other as individuals enjoying a common experience, not as abstract representatives of this or that sociopolitical group.