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Authorities seized the dog that inflicted the bite. Joseph Ohr, the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, said the baby died after the dog's teeth pierced the infant's skull causing fatal brain injuries. Facebook photos -- which caused an angry backlash on social media -- showed that the dogs used these baskets as beds. The male dog belonging to Grim's brother was later declared vicious and returned to him.[source citations] Suzanne Story, 36-years old, suffered a violent death by her pit bull-mix.

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Talan and his brother Jaylan were playing in a field behind their home when three loose dogs charged them.[source citations] Gladys Alexander, was brutally attacked by up to four dogs after entering a neighbor's home to give her a newspaper. The neighbor owned one of the dogs and had been dog sitting the others for her daughter who was incarcerated.The neighbor had helped Gladys with some day-to-day tasks, and it was not unusual for her to enter into the person's home, the Thurston County Sheriff's Office stated. Officials seized the dogs after her death and all four were euthanized after a 10-day quarantine period.[source citations] Payton Sawyers, 15-months old, suffered life-threatening injuries after she was attacked by a pit bull-mix while under the care of her babysitters on January 6.Grayson County sheriff's deputies and rescue personnel responded to a 911 call about pm on the 400 block of Penn Ford Road.Davino and her husband drove the animal across state lines to Story's home and gave her the dog free of charge.

Davino said the dog was "a big baby" and had never been aggressive in the past. Gladys was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The sheriff's office described the dogs as two adult pit bull-mixed breeds and two juvenile mixed-breeds, containing pit bull, labrador and heeler.

She gushed about her pit bulls on social media and posted numerous photos of them.

In a tearful press conference after Tyler's death, Griffin-Heady called her pit bulls "my babies" and "What made them do that I will never know." In late March, the Yuba County DA declined to bring charges.

The male pit bull was found dead at the scene; the dog reportedly had a severe case of heartworms and became overexcited during the attack causing heart failure.

The two dogs that attacked Jaylan, both mixed-breed females, were euthanized after the attack.

She died just as a helicopter sent from a Virginia hospital was landing to airlift her to the facility.