Sex dating in gha

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All these sexual combinations abound in Ghana, and invariably people involved in these relationships are religious people who attend church or some other religious institution regularly.Invariably the majority of these relationships are socially sanctioned.

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My friend Akosua is a member of the leadership of her church.She is especially gifted at organizing fundraising events for her church, she is articulate and can read the bible in English as well as the Ghanaian languages of Twi and Ga, and is often selected to deliver a bible reading during church service.Akosua also happens to be dating the choirmaster, who is married with 4 children.But West Africa is a lot different to East and Southern Africa, and crime is a constant.It's important to be very aware when travelling to Ghana to keep your mind on the number of dangers around. They are often the target of criminal elements, many who operate around tourist locations.The choirmaster’s wife lives in another town, so Akosua and her beau often attend church together.

Recently, Akosua told me that another leader of the church had said to her, “You’re a fine woman, eh? If you’re wondering whether this church leader is also married let me save you the trouble, yes he is.

Travellers who are met at the airport should confirm the identity of their driver, either by requesting proper identification or otherwise verifying that the driver is an official from an organization or a hotel.

There have been increasing incidences of impostors who approach travellers before the main arrivals area claiming to be the traveller's driver or contact.

These are quite common in areas in East Africa as well. Thefts by individuals posing as airport staff frequently occur at Kotoka International Airport in the capital Accra.

But its important to be aware the whole time when travelling abroad. Always remember, legitimate airport staff wear a current identification card which bears their name and photograph. There have been reports of individuals fraudulently posing as police officers and demanding money from foreigners.

I often wonder how people manage to live with what I assume will be a battle of values.