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The flesh distorted for a few moments, flattened by the blow before bouncing back to its original roundness.Marie shrieked, as pain enveloped her full, right breast and she was snapped out of her dream-like state of disbelief. The hard flesh of the male bodies they had seen whipped before offered nothing like this.

If people like it, I will send the entire story to Ralphus to post in full in the stories section.

I only wish the stories he teases us with on the covers were real. Ralphus wrote: Here's the restored version of today's MAM cover by Fritz Just to clarify…

that's not a MAM cover, but one of the internal black and white illustrations that accompanied the stories.

The cord was pulled and her breasts were raised up, nipples pointing upwards, until there was no crease and the white untouched flesh of the undersides was revealed.

The men collected their straps once more and took up their positions to continue.

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Always good to see another edition of Margot's Chronicles and particularly nice for the end of the year.Anybody recognize her or the apparent possible bats movie ? Been a while since I've added a new one; I better get on it.------------------------------ Bill K: The photo you posted comes from Inquisition Live; specifically it was from a photo set called Cecilia.Ironically, I almost ran a fake paperback cover that featured the girl from the Cecilia series as the daily picture tonight. He's a good buddy of mine and we communicate via e-mail a lot.He's got a twisted imagination and these covers are way too good to keep to myself.The largest list of the most popular best sex cams counting over 1K safe free sex chats and websites.

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