Sean avery who is he dating

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In 2011, he made a video speaking out in favour of same-sex marriage, part of the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign.Avery is fiercely loyal to Rangers/Knicks owner James Dolan, who let him wear a Rangers jersey in the video.

"But there were a lot of times where they had conversations with me where it went in one ear and out the other, that I think about now and think ' You really should have maybe listened to that one a little bit harder."' In person, the five-foot-10 Avery is thoughtful good company in a slim, stylish package that still feels the effects of hockey at the highest level."There are some days where it's tough to get out of bed," he admits.

He runs twice daily, helping mimic the two-a-day workouts that were part of his hockey day.

He has got back to watching hockey, saying twice in the last week he was pulled into a "You Tube hole" watching Connor Mc David and Auston Matthews highlights.

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Avery laments the uncaring business side of the NHL that forced an injured and broken Boogaard to be gone from the Rangers training centre each day by the time the healthy players arrived — isolation adding to his many other demons.

Spurred on to prove wrong every person who said he couldn't make it in hockey, Avery has his own issues.

Hilary Rhoda and her hockey-playing beau Sean Avery got married on Saturday afternoon (October 10) in Water Mill, NY.

The 28-year-old model and the former NHL star said their vows at Parrish Art Museum in front of family and friends.

Today, Avery is consumed by acting after director Peter Berg, a friend, cast him in a small part as a cop in the movie ."It was the first feeling since I stopped playing that even remotely came close to fighting at centre ice at Madison Square Garden," he said."I was hooked instantly," he said.

"I will either go broke trying to be an actor or I will become a working actor ...

As Us Weekly previously reported, Avery was pulled over by Southampton, N. 30 after they received reports that he was throwing objects at speeding cars.

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