Romanian dating rituals

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The character of the girl's family, as well as their prestige in the community, is also taken into account. It is possible that the prospective couple will hardly know each other before they marry.They will usually send a third, uninvolved person to hear out the girl's parents on the acceptability of the young man.

For many Roma tribes it is the parents, and not the young people, who arrange the marriage.They usually are accepted as a married couple in time.The family plays an active part in marriage formalities that, to non-Roma eyes, may seem lengthy and elaborate.This money is to compensate the father for the loss of his daughter, and not as the purchase of a bride.The discussion can be a long one, centering on the estimated value of the future bride.The boy does the courting, and when the young couple agree to marry they become engaged and exchange modest gifts.

Parents are consulted, but the decision is made by the young people.The prospective bride and groom might be consulted, but their opinions are rarely considered in making a final decision.According to these tribes, it is an essential and important duty of the parents to find a bride suitable for their son.Roma expect females to be virgins when they marry and to remain faithful to their husbands until death.The potential for defilement is greatly heightened at marriage because Roma perceive it as the end of a woman's innocence.They carefully consider all the young, unmarried women in the group, evaluating their individual qualities.

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