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Your entire mindset for this class should be bursting as high as possible in your opener and then doing everything in your power to keep it from falling.Most people consider SMN to simply be a class that focuses around Do Ts and as long as you have them up, you are doing your best DPS. Yes while the application of Do Ts is the core of our damage, it is not the entire picture.

MCH: Bishop Autoturrent: All damage from the SMN and all damage from Pets (Skills or Auto attacks) are affected by Bishop Autoturrent's Hypercharge Effect (Attack Mode Version).

I will continue to update this thread as new information comes to light and into the 4.0 era as well.

There are also several different users on the forums who have suggested various tips and tricks that I will also continue to document, so feel free to contribute to this thread and I will update the OP when I can.

Do Ts also snapshot all DPS buffs/debuffs currently in play when first applied and run their full duration at the higher number (as if the bonuses were still applied). This is a good tool to apply Do Ts during inopportune moments or to use with Dreadwyrm Trance to snapshot the damage boost from that immediately on both main Do Ts while not hurting your casting.

Should there be a time where a mechanic forces you to move while Do Ts also need to be refreshed, consider refreshing slightly earlier or using Swiftcast if it means that Do T will fall off for more than 3 seconds before reapplied otherwise. In 4.0, Dreadwyrm Trance now refreshes Tri-Disasters' cooldown as soon as you enter it.

Higher CRIT rate will increase the damage of critical hits.

(Highest Priority) Spellspeed: 4.0 : Damage over time effects will increase in damage with more Spellspeed. Demi - Bahamut (DB) attacks each time you complete a cast. (Mid Priority) Extra: Skillspeed: 4.0 : Affects auto-attacks (Low Priority) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats vs Stats Often times you will see builds that have very high CRIT but pittance in DET and vice versa.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Besides solely auto attacking and the largely unusable Blind debuff, indeed should it be timed out well in your favor, you do not need to lose DPS for the sake of travel.At level 70, Ruin II becomes a key component in your general rotation to rotate your o GCDs in, especially during the Demi-Bahamut phase.(High Priority) Determination: Affects all skills in a SMNs arsenal as well as Pet damage.(Mid Priority) Critical Hit Rate: 4.0 : All skills including Do Ts and Pets are affected by your Critical Hit Rate.Dividing your DPS going into the phase will ensure your SMN is getting maximum uptime on all the mobs present.

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