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The history of Rabaul is one of wreckage and re-growth and modern historians will find a treasure trove of World War Two relics, tunnels and caverns to explore within driving distance of Rabaul.Close to the now thriving centre of Kokopo, are the remnants of Gunantambu mansion, built in the 1880s by the legendary Queen Emma.

To reach the cemetery, turn off the coast road past Vunapope.

The remains of 3,824 Commonwealth soldiers, 699 of them unidentified are buried in the cemetery; as well two others: a Dutch citizen and one burial not related to the war.

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The Tolai people of the Gazelle Peninsula have continued to use the traditional shell money called "tabu".

They use the tabu as a contribution to the Tolai male secret society of tumbuan and dukduk, for distribution to people at death ceremonies, as payment of a bride price, for settling disputes, to purchase land or even garden food from local markets.

Flora and Fauna The tropical nature of the province, with its evergreen rainforest vegetation, rugged mountain ranges, and imposing volcanoes, have made East New Britain an attractive and adventurous place to visit.

The marine resources are diverse and the tropical environment provides opportunities for bush trekking, mountain trekking, mountain climbing and cave exploration.Through the coconut trees villages of thatched huts surrounded by colourful flowerbeds and tropical fruit trees look out over calm waters.East New Britain has a fascinating World War 2 history and visitors can explore Japanese caved systems, barged tunnels, aircraft wrecks and submarines.The waterfront is the place to find boats for travel to the outer islands or for a spot of fishing.The drive from the airport, located at Tokua, about an hour from Rabaul, is along a narrow road, winding its way around the glittering waters of the Gazelle Peninsula.In order to be prepared, you have to PRACTICE always (hone your craft).