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The newly enthroned Olubadan made a friendly gesture to the Olowu of Owu by allowing Olowu to marry his only daughter, Nkan. The Egba occupants were forced to leave the town and moved to present-day Abeokuta under the leadership of Sodeke as result of their disloyalty.

The Alaafin of Oyo - of that time, ordered the old city destroyed for the act.They improvised a bit by using the snail shells to drink the liquefied eko.Ultimately, Lagelu and his people came down from the hill and founded another city, called Eba'dan.Lagelu who had become an old, frail man; could not stop the destruction of his city, but he and some of his people survived the attack and fled to a nearby hill for sanctuary.On the hill they survived by eating oro fruit and snails; later, they cultivated the land and made corn and millets into pap meals known as oori or eko, which they ate with roasted snails.Ibadan came into existence in 1829, during a period of turmoil that characterized Yorubaland at the time.

It was in this period that many old Yoruba cities such as old Oyo (Oyo ile), Ijaye and Owu disappeared, and newer ones such as Abeokuta, new Oyo (Oyo atiba) and Ibadan sprang up to replace them.The military sanctuary expanded even further when refugees began arriving in large numbers from northern Oyo following raids by Fulani warriors.After losing the northern portion of their region to the marauding Fulanis, many Oyo indigenes retreated deeper into the Ibadan environs.Ibadan’s wet season runs from March through October, though August sees somewhat of a lull in precipitation.This lull nearly divides the wet season into two different wet seasons.Lake Eleyele is located at the northwestern part of the city, while the Osun River and the Asejire Lake bounds the city to the east.

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