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According to a Prevention magazine report in 2003, the city has the highest percentage of on-foot commuters of any city in the United States.

The least visible improvement is zoning and building code changes to encourage showering and locker facilities in major office buildings.This was the highest of any major US city, bested only by college towns such as nearby Cambridge.Most of the area's cities and towns have standing committees devoted to improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian environment.By the early 1990s traffic on the elevated Central Artery was 190,000 vehicles per day, with an accident rate four times the national average for urban interstates.Traffic was bumper-to-bumper for six to eight hours per day, with projections of traffic jams doubling by 2010.The Emerald Necklace system of parklands and parkways, pioneered by Frederick Law Olmsted and his sons, provides some more pleasant alternative routes for cyclists.

The Southwest Corridor also provides cycling infrastructure, The distinction was earned for "lousy roads, scarce and unconnected bike lanes and bike-friendly gestures from City Hall that go nowhere—such as hiring a bike coordinator in 2001, only to cut the position two years later".The complex and still-changing road network, with many one-way streets and time-based traffic restrictions, has led many Boston travelers to consider an up-to-date GPS navigation map system a necessity.Boston is a compact city, sized right for walking or bicycling.The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) operates bus, subway, short distance rail, and water ferry passenger services throughout the city and region.Amtrak operates passenger rail service to and from major northeastern cities.After more than 15 years of disruption, The Big Dig, along with other highway projects, provided less than 10 years of relief before congestion returned to the levels seen in "prerecession 2005, when the Big Dig was almost complete and marketed as the solution to gridlock for commuters ...

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    Private student loans are credit-based, meaning student borrowers with high credit scores will pay lower interest rates than those with low scores because banks assess the risk of each borrower.