Network policy for updating windows environments

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In the default installation we have a single health validator for Windows Security, which we can customize to our environmental requirements.Next we will create a policy relationship between our new System Health Validation policy called Windows OS Validation and the client’s ability to pass one or more of these checks.

Now on to part five, dealing with Remote Network Access and health validation.Whether you are the lucky person using a Mac at work amongst a hoard of unfriendly Windows PCs, or the IT guy who has to look after that Mac, here’s how to make everything work as it should, and ensure that all the Macs and Windows machines are playing nicely on your network.[Read: Mac v PC: which is best] Read: Networking Mac computers: How to network Macs together and share files between Macs and PCs over the network OS X supports Windows file sharing technology – known as SMB – which allows you to access folders that have been shared on Windows PCs, as well as share folders on your Mac so that PCs can access them.In part three, we guide you through the steps to manually configure an SSTP client, and in part four, we showed you how to create new health certificates and delegate the NPS Server Permission.At this stage we will inform the HRA service which CA we’d like to use to issue the Health Certificates, and of course, which certificate should be used.Our next step will be to alter the NPS polices to require that the NAP services are utilized.

We will also need to configure our clients so that they are enabled for NAP validation checks, and ensure they know where to communicate with.A simple example of this would be our Windows Software Update Server, which needs to be accessible if the client is to apply any missing updates You can continue to populate this list with any other server that you are comfortable with the unhealthy clients connecting to, so that they can resolve their health issues and return to compliant status.At this point we have completed all the basic foundation work for our NAP services.Double-click the Mac’s icon, then type your Mac’s account name and password to login.Incidentally, if you’re wondering if Air Drop can be used, you’re out of luck.To access a PC's shared folder, open Finder on your Mac then click Go Connect to Server.

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