Muffle system logging error updating

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Muffle system logging error updating

SHR allows for more flexibility in drive capacity, and it supports two-drive redundancy in larger arrays.

You probably get a few hundred gigabytes of that, or maybe a terabyte if you spend big.

Storage space is getting cheaper, whether you're talking about phones or computers.

It used to cost astronomical amounts of money to get even 1GB of storage.

If I had a dollar for every external hard drive I lost to a mysterious failure, I'd have... Some people are willing to set up their own RAID arrays, but many of the solutions are clunky and prone to failure. RAID arrays come in various types, most of which support redundancy at the expense of space.

By using some drives for "parity," you can rebuild a RAID array in the event a drive fails.

Some types of RAID even allow you to recover from multiple drive failures.

Synology's signature RAID setup, and the one we have been testing, is called SHR/SHR2 (Synology Hybrid RAID).

When you add drives to your NAS for the first time, you have the option of traditional RAID levels, but SHR is probably your best bet.

One of the most important features of a NAS is that it handles all the maintenance of your RAID array automatically.

Your drives are checked continuously for bad sectors, and the array gets a full parity check every few weeks.

You use the Disk Station Manager (DSM) for setup and most device management.

We'll get into this in-depth later, but the gist is DSM acts as the operating system for your NAS.

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