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Like how dare he even shout at her, smash the mirror and lay the blame on her! In what world would someone so wronged take that from her oppressor AND his equally guilty mother and her A HOLE joke for a dad? Everyone else is wrong because however he loved her, that was his love for her, and the feeling was mutual! but for Do Min Joon :) ( my love from the star ) there is no such thing as love forever... it's indeed a beautiful love story which i will not get tired of re-watching again when i find time! the osts are nice too and i'm gonna miss these characters eun dong and hyun soo, all three sets of actors from their younger years were all great, the young eun dong when she was 13 yrs old is so cute too! It was beautifully written about a young boy and young girl who fell in love and kept their love throughout their lives.

Is there any character that has stayed with you permanently? It's like, you're a cripple (who did that to yourself out of jealousy over someone who did not love you at all) , and then all of a sudden you're excused for being an A grade psychopath?? I know it's a drama but that's just so unrealistic! I've never watched anything as amazing as this and I would recommend to all. How in the world you gon lie and manipulate , and steal another mans family from him for 10 years and garner sympathy for it?? The story manages to portray true, undying love at it's greatest light.As long as they do not get too personal I do not intervene and understand them.– Last year was filled with the biggest loss was that of my mother, and I had some big gains too. If you were to ask me to draw you a photo of the man of my dreams, I truly do not have that picture in my mind. The most important thing is to be in love, to respect each other, and to believe. Her father has always been an obstacle in her life regarding love and relationships.I believe that everything bad that happens in your life, brings you something else. There were times because of the news articles that I did not want to wake up in the morning and get out of bed. I am not holding on to the end, but right smack in the middle. Everything that I lived through last year, probably with the maturity of my age, has brought me more understanding and a softer view. The rest comes anyway.– I am not upset with anyone who have labored for me, or that I have labored for. I too in periods of my life have walked with others, and I have always had respect for them. As soon as she realizes this situation, she immediately moves out and she prefers not to have a relationship with her family. For this reason she has always lost the people that she loved, and has a wall built around herself.– When there is love, there does not have to be a balance. In a single moment there is a cover that covers your eyes, and everything goes blank. Then as life continues you have to take a look at the difficulties within yourself.– It is difficult all over the world, but a bit more difficult here.Life has its difficulties as well as its enjoyable moments.

What is important is to be included in the positive potentials around you. They had taken me to the set for a change, then another, then another. I was not brought into this world to be a project child.– I am not a business person, it is perfectly obvious that news regarding me are not going to appear in the economics section. You have a job that keeps you in the spotlight, and the people are always curious about your personal life.This recent situation is something that is material for magazine publications. I try and keep the arguments and unhappiness inside myself to a minimum, and I am living my life with peacefully and calmly.– I do not believe that love has a criteria.And the fact that she’s elusive made Hyun Soo more crazy about her.The only genuine love there was between the father and son, Jae-Ho and Ra Il.I take fabulous vacations, and there are days that I sing and dance.

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