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She made the society pages, too: Along with her two marriages, she has dated Tie Domi, the hockey player, and Peter Mc Kay, the former Conservative defence minister.

She shares her time between her home in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, her farm in Aurora, and offices in Florida and California. Tonight those women are talking of their results in a crowd that includes Victoria Radford, the beauty expert, and socialite Ainsley Kerr.In February 2001, she was appointed chief executive officer of Magna, succeeding Donald J.Walker (who became CEO of Magna spinoff Intier Automotive Inc.), and in January 2002, she also became its president.From May 17, 2005 to February 6, 2006, she was the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and Minister responsible for Democratic Renewal in the government of Paul Martin.After leaving politics, she served as the executive vice-chairman of Magna International, Canada's largest automotive parts manufacturer until December 31, 2010.A new venture has brought Stronach into the limelight again, an enterprise symbolized by a fountain burbling on the bar here, a sort of fountain of youth filled with a slightly greenish liquid that Stronach, and the two other women here, credit for their glowing skin, thick hair and strong finger nails. Health Canada has certified the products, formulated, tested and produced in Canada, as Natural Health Products.

They call it Age Quencher.“On a very, like, superficial level, you know, I’ll be that girl for a minute,” says Stronach, flicking back her hair with a toss of her head. That designation doesn’t necessarily mean that they work, just that they won’t do any harm. As for the benefits: “We haven’t done a scientific study, it’s more anecdotal to this point,” says Adam Cooper, chief executive of Age Quencher.Belinda Caroline Stronach, PC (born May 2, 1966) is a Canadian businesswoman, philanthropist and former politician.The National Post identified her in 2001 as the most powerful businesswoman in Canada.Stronach and other patients in Fennell’s clinic soon all began to consume Fennell’s “ingestible beauty products.”Stronach sees in Fennell an entrepreneur in the vein of the Stronach family.“I was always an admirer of Holly’s enthusiasm for the creation of products,” says Stronach.“She has endless ideas, for products that can be made to address certain illnesses or symptoms, or even things to enhance one’s well being and vitality.”Fennell recalls, “Belinda and I were in her kitchen one afternoon, both of us feeling really healthy and well, and we both took the product, so she said, ‘You know what, I’d love to introduce you to Bev and really see what we can do about making this product available to other women.’ ”Hammond was skeptical.“I was never a vitamin person, and I had never been to a naturopath,” says Hammond.She became a vice-president of the company in 1995 and executive vice-president in 1999, until her appointment as president and chief executive officer.