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People we know comment on how well behaved, polite, and well socialized he is and we know that's almos... The staff are amazing - caring, attentive, experienced and very personable (with the dogs AND the humans).

From the moment she walks in, insisting on belly rubs from the staff, we know she will be well cared for.• Main trick is retrieving a beverage from the fridge!• Other tricks include: spin, twirl, bow, play dead/roll over, leg weave, sticking tongue out.Our Sadie’s Crew is made up of a diverse group of pet professionals who are experienced, skilled, trained and certified in a wide range of animal care and service fields.We share a commitment and passion for providing our clients (both human and canine), with the highest level of service.Come check us out and see that we do daycare differently!

It's been three years since our dog, Gus started going to Sadie's.

Learn about all the activities your dog can participate in.

K9 to 5 Obedience School Whether you prefer one on one training or a group setting, K9 to 5 has the class to fit your family!

• Must have prior marker training (aka clicker or 'yes'). AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification • for the test. Private Training Whether you have a behavior problem or just would prefer private lessons, we can help! We offer early drop-off and late pick-up allowing you to focus on your daily routine while your dog plays with our vetted staff (onsite Certified Behaviorist and Vet Tech) and his or her favorite canine friends.

Most classes include the test for half price (ask about scheduling). Behavior problem consults start at /hour and include a detailed write-up on the information/training gone over during the consult. We will find the play group that best fits your dog's personality and size while you find the schedule that best suits your dog's needs.

• Basic puppy manners are covered: Sit, Place, Heel, Down, Recall (Come), Socialization, Leave It, Drop It, etc.