Joe jones dating

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Joe jones dating

The Sun reported that Sir Tom said: 'I really don't know how Elvis would feel about us having dinner together.He probably wouldn't be too sure.'This vague remark did nothing to dispel the rumours - until now.

Only 50 per cent of the remaining contestants will get chosen to be part of the final 12 - who will go through to the final shows in which they are subject to the public vote again.

He cemented his place in the Strictly Come Dancing history books when he became the oldest contestant to lift the Glitterball trophy at age 42 on Saturday.

And as he gets used to life outside the ballroom, Joe Mc Fadden has admitted he will be overcome with jealousy when his pro partner Katya Jones is paired up with a new celebrity, in a post-victory chat on Monday's Lorraine.

I’m jealous of all the partners that she’s going to have because they’re all going to do well because she wouldn’t have it any other way.'Speaking of Katya’s reaction to their victory he said: 'She was so, so happy and I’m so happy for her.

She has literally dragged me through kicking and screaming!

The Page 3 girl was revealed by The Sun to be secretly smitten with Joe, 30, last month.

His DVDs and books are generating £1million a month — so it’s all looking very Rosie.

And the effortless performance from the old pro was revered by those watching at home, who ditched's simultaneous live Instagram video to head onto Twitter, showering Tom with praise.

The Welsh crooner will stay firmly put in his coaching chair on Sunday night's episode, when it'll be his team's turn to take to the stage and battle it out for a place in the final 12.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, the Welsh musician said: 'Priscilla is a friend of mine. But it’s not true that we’re dating or in a relationship. But good friends.'The pair have known each other for half a century - Tom being friends with her late husband Elvis who died in 1977.

They have recently reconnected, having something in common since Sir Tom's beloved wife Linda passed away from cancer last year.

But his work requirements also led to his split from his previous girlfriend-of-11-years in May.

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