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So is he "pansexual" in real life like his character is? %*, you're all talented and that's all that matters. I really like him on Schitt's Creek, he's fantastically funny.

Actually he is listed on MTV's website as openly gay, he was a VJ on MTV Canada and they wrote an article about how progressive MTV is and included him in the article. And speaking of, Elliott's buffoonery is the weak link in the show.He's actually part of the reason I can't watch the show - he reminds me of all those stuck up queens who act like bitchy high school girls because they think they are. Everyone else is running around making out but not his character.On the first episode of Creek he was invited to a party by the front desk girl and he said he didn't want to to go because he didn't feel like being the victim of a hate crime. Dan created the show and hired his dad, so it's not like Eugene "got" HIM the job. I don't know why there are not having him play not convincing at all as straight, but he is really funny. Either way, he's doesn't play a believable straight guy, so I hope the character is supposed to be gay.I just watched the first episode of his new show "Schitt's Creek," which aired tonight in Canada and debuts in the US next month. R22, if you're right funny because in that youtube video upthread he talks about being raised outside the industry and humility being important to him, blah, blah. It said he was married to Canadian actress Rachel Specter and had a son. MTV host Dan Levy (son of Acton Eugene Levy) is openly gay. Positive he's being mixed up with someone of the same name.He is nellier than almost any gay man I've ever met. There's no way you're talking about the right Dan Levy. I saw this and he's mentioned as openly gay.That coupled with the hate crime joke, I think the character is gay but it's just being made into a coming out story. Catherine O'Hara and the girl playing the desk clerk are very good.

On the show, when his character didn't wwant to give his mother a shoulder rub, she said he could choose one item from the stash of jewelry she managed to keep with her. The last episode aired here in Canada has him being forded to attend a yoga session which features the hotter than hot local hippy/drug dealer who is being eyed by Levy's on screen sister.As much as I love it, I have to think Mutt's beard is fake, too.Looking at a pic of the actor on imdb, his hair is not as dark as it is on the show, either. Surprised that they showed Daniel's character in conflict with his sexuality and it wasn't played for laughs.And there's no way his preternaturally smooth torso is natural. Really don't care whether he is gay or straight - his character is very funny and he plays it well. The rest of the show is so overbroad, it was nice to have a few real moments. Marry the boring but cute vet for stability and then have scorching hot sex with Mutt.The fact that we are all wondering is a testament to his acting. They tried to make pansexual sound more elaborate when Eugene was discussing it, saying Dan loves everyone include the transgendered. I don't care if he is gay or straight but I can't watch the show because both dan levy and the girl who plays the daughter are so fucking annoying and can't act..Thankfully, we don't have to see that much of him.[quote]And speaking of, Elliott's buffoonery is the weak link in the show. I normally love Chris Elliott, but he's useless on this show.

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