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Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's husband was forced to make a humiliating apology this afternoon for causing her embarrassment over an expenses claim which included adult films he watched.Speaking outside the couple's home in Redditch, Worcestershire, Richard Timney told reporters: 'I am really sorry for any embarrassment I have caused Jacqui.'I can fully understand why people might be angry and offended by this,'Quite obviously a claim should never have been made for these films, and as you know that money is being paid back.'Mr Timney's apology follows a statement earlier by Ms Smith who promised to pay back the money she wrongly claimed for the television package.

Tory MP Philip Davies said last night that if the porn-movie claims were true, the Home Secretary would have to resign.

Mr Timney, who works as Ms Smith’s Commons adviser, used part of the Minister’s second-homes allowance to pay for the blue movies he watched on a subscription television channel.

It is understood that Mr Timney had been watching explicit adult movies on channels broadcast on the Virgin Media cable TV service.

Asked on BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show if it was 'final straw time' for Ms Smith, he said: 'I am never going to get into individual cases.

'What I am absolutely confident of is that Jacqui Smith is doing an outstanding job as the Home Secretary with some of the toughest responsibilities in government.'Chief Secretary to the Treasury Yvette Cooper said she did not know the particular circumstances surrounding Ms Smith, but said there had to be 'greater transparency' regarding the expense claims of MPs.

As well as adult channels on subscription, Virgin Media has an On Demand service, which allows any adult viewers to pay for and watch movies when they want.

Access is via the remote control and films purchased can be watched repeatedly within a 16-hour rental period.A friend said the Home Secretary knew there was 'no excuse' for the error but added: 'To say she's angry with her husband is an understatement.Jacqui was not there when these films were watched.If this is true, I cannot see how she can survive.’ Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik said the revelations were 'immensely embarrassing' for the Home Secretary.He told Sky News: 'I have no issue with the genre, I do have an issue with one thing, which is he shouldn't really be claiming this back and he just obviously wasn't thinking about this.'This is immensely embarrassing for Jacqui on a personal and domestic level, I haven't got any particular issue about what they watch in their own time, I do have an issue about the fact that he has compromised her.'He added: 'My personal view is we should get away from the whole thing so that we can claim our travel expenses, because that is very variable depending on where you live, but the rest of it should be put on salary and then it's up to us.'The revelation comes as The Mail on Sunday launches a petition to demand a full enquiry into MPs' expenses.Fellow Tory MP Mark Field added: ‘The entire Commons allowance system is now indefensible.

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