Hot chat tramsexuals

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Hot chat tramsexuals - fun questions ask someone your dating

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Ina's story may be unusual but it's no longer guaranteed to shock.

During an isolated childhood in rural Oklahoma, Ina knew she was a girl from her early years, even though her body seemed to be a boy's.

Eighteen-year-old Christian, a college freshman in western Pennsylvania who was born female but is just starting to live as a male, is a typical example.

At 16, after learning from the Jerry Springer show that there was a name for the way he felt, he "went online and looked up anything and everything about transsexuals." To his astonishment he found chat rooms filled with "people just like me." Recently he met his first fellow transsexual in person -- a 21-year-old he'd met in a chat room, who lives two hours away and has introduced him to a group of trans guys who meet regularly.

"Every day, I feel torn between wanting to empower my patients and wanting to be sure not to harm them," says Jayne Jordan, a physician assistant in the Callen-Lorde Center's transgender medicine program.

Ina and Christian are part of a new generation of transsexuals who are taking their fate into their own hands and changing the face of gender shifting.As more young transsexuals push to begin transitioning at a younger age, the social workers and medical providers who work with them are confronting a new frontier in gender ethics.What's the best way to help kids who say they want to switch sexes?But the years she endured living as a burgeoning adult in the wrong body still seem like an unnecessary burden added to an already painful existence.If Ina were 17 today and near a big city, she'd probably be able to find a doctor willing to make her an exception to the 18-year-old threshold for hormones.The treatment protocol of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, the standard-bearing organization for transgender medicine, allows exceptions in cases of "clear maturity." At the very least, Ina would be prescribed hormone blockers, which would stop the path of testosterone without giving the feminizing effects of estrogen.