Hohner serial number dating

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Please note that the value is primarily based on the condition of the instrument, rather than just on age and type.

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Please do not attempt to open your accordion for cleaning.Should your question not be answered, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.If you own a vintage Hohner accordion, or are interested in buying or selling one, you’ll no doubt be interested in establishing its precise age and provenance.Since 1930, every accordion which left our factory bears a serial number and we maintain an extensive library, documenting shipping date and destination of every single instrument.Sometimes we can even establish the identity of the original purchaser.If you provide us with the serial number and exact model designation, we will establish the age of your accordion for a fixed fee of €25 / US and send you a certificate to attest this.

We’re also happy to estimate the value of your vintage accordion.

However, there are easy cleaning and maintenance you can do yourself, especially in regards to maintenance.

Below is a list of the most frequent questions regarding accordions.

High temperatures from strong direct sunlight or heaters can severely damage your accordion.

Leaving your accordion in the car in summer is also dangerous, since temperatures of up to 70 degree Celsius are not uncommon and will damage the sound producing components of your instrument.

Avoid pressing multiple registers at the same time! However, an occasional checkup by a qualified technician can’t hurt and will help maintain the value of your instrument.

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