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You Tube offers many amiable dance-band recordings. George Probert, soprano; Chris Tyle, cornet, vocal; Mike Owen, trombone; John Royen, piano; Lars Edegran, guitar; Bernie Attridge, string bass; Hal Smith, drums. (Thanks to Chris for singing and playing from the heart. The earliest documentary evidence for the presence of Jews in Nordhausen dates from 1290, and by 1300 a Jewish community had come into being.

Among the prominent members of the community in the 19 century was the banker and philanthropist Jacob Plaut (1816–1901).

From 1908 until 1925 the community was served with distinction by Rabbi Alfred Sepp.

In 1925 the community numbered 438; in 1933 it had 394 members, five cultural and philanthropic organizations, and a religious school.

Abandoned Jewish property was transferred by King Charles to Count Henry von Hohlstein.

Despite the upheaval and loss of life and property, by the end of the century a small Jewish community had reestablished itself in Nordhausen, holding its religious services in a private house.

Shortly thereafter a Judenstrasse, mikveh, and synagogue were established.

A Jewish well is noted in records dating from 1322, and a cemetery is mentioned in 1334.The name comes from a small brook called the Schelde that rises between Oberscheld and Tringenstein and flows into the Dill at Niederscheld.The village's greatest hallmarks are the old blast furnace and the Adolfshütte industrial park.Manderbach lies on a sunny plateau 3 km north of the main town of Dillenburg.Nanzenbach lies approximately 6 km north of the main town of Dillenburg.A new cemetery was consecrated in 1827 and enlarged in 1854.