Free discrete ageplay chat

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Free discrete ageplay chat

Honestly they aren't as bad as I thought they would be.I was worried I wouldn't be able to wear my short shorts with them or that they would have a loud crinkle but nope none of that.

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I figured he would probably ask me questions about it and then put stuff in my record, but if there's no other reason than I just like wearing them shouldn't it be treated as if I was wearing breifs or boxers and not be added to my records at all?

Soft, and cushy, and crinkly, and nice and thick even when dry…heaven is real and it is made of diapers It's happening, I've been diapered 24/7 on and off for like 6 months. I've been in them for about a month letting go whenever and where ever I am.

I'm starting to just continuously dribble into my diaper about every 5 minutes regardless if I'm laying sitting or standing.

Other than that I guess go with abenas or something.

Mommy and I bring home ~7k a monthfuck it, it's my day off, and I feel like relaxinggod, I forgot how fucking incredible proper diapers are.

Even my messes are coming easier now since I've stopped going to the potty. Hey 24/7'ers I was curious how many of you were veterans going to the VA hospital?

I'm not trying to get the VA to pay for diapers or anything I'm just wondering how my primary care doctor would handle me showing up in diapers to my check-ups etc.The reason for it is the medicine I'm on kinda has made leaking a problem for me and I've gotten sick of having damp undies.Since I already have small bladder figured I might as well try going complete 24/7 for a month or two.Also any extra advice or what I'll come to expect in the next coming months be much appreciated.39905Hello leaky Anon!Two wettings isn't awful, but since those might be small wettings that's mediocre at best.Use if you think they're cute, but they wouldn't be my top pick. Most medical-type disposables aren't quite up there with the AB brands in terms of performance, but the good ones are close and they're usually a fair bit cheaper.39912ABDL diapers are pricier in almost all cases.