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Women tend to wear fun cocktail dresses or sundresses that they dress up with accessories and heels.Our cruise on the Carnival Breeze went from Galveston and we did notice that some families did get really dressed up.

If you’re flying in to the port you’ll probably a suitcase for the things you need on the flight or the night before the cruise if you’re arriving early.

I’ve linked all the specific items in the “what to pack Carnival Cruise” section below.

You can click on any of those links and order the specific items in the image above.

Women were in full evening gowns with perfect hair and make up and men were in dark suits & ties.

If you want to go all out and get dressed up that is totally up to you!

If you’re wondering what to wear on Carnival Cruise Lines, then relax. Carnival Cruise attire is fun and casual for the most part.

If you’re headed out soon on a Carnival Cruise what to wear is pretty easily decided once you know what kind of activities you need to dress for.

Think of it as smart but relaxed and fun rather than formal.

Men generally wear a collared shirt and maybe a tie with some slacks or chinos.

What to pack for Carnival cruise: Toiletries you’ll need.

Carnival cruise toiletries provided are shampoo, conditioner and body wash supplied in shower dispensers as well as a bar of hand soap.

Formal night on Carnival Cruise Lines is more relaxed than on other cruise lines.