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Luckily, the bell rang before Alya could say anything, and judging by the wicked gleam in her eyes, she definitely had some things to say. 'That made more sense than Marinette cared to admit. There was no way she could seriously like her partner. If anyone could understand how monumentally weird this whole thing was, wouldn't it be Chat? "She chose to ignore the 'love of your life' bit and instead laid flat on her back, arms reaching up to cover her face. ""It is absolutely- I mean it would be absolutely terrible. Her entrance had been sloppy and rushed, catching the attention of a few civilians standing below. " "It's tagged for eventual smut, I'll just read around it." She waved off his accusation. Lately, however, she'd seemed even more enthusiastic about the stories than he was. There's so much sexual tension, it's physically painful." Ladybug huffed as she stopped and met his eyes again. ""Sorry, my Lady." He did his best to shake off the lingering confusion."What is it? It's getting a little hard draw the line between fanon and reality when you talk about the fics like that."Ladybug blushed deep enough to paint her whole face as red as her mask. " A brunette waved over to the redhead rushing down the street. And it was a probably a mix of this anguish, the adrenaline from running over here, and many months of pent up feelings that led her to try the stupidest stunt she'd ever pulled.At least now Alya would have to wait until the lesson was over. Barely a minute into class, a note was slid under Marinette's field of vision. Adrien had already stolen her heart and a relationship with Chat would just be too complicated. It'd be so hard to face them every day and, and-" she threw her arms out again and turned her head to face him. She muttered something he couldn't hear before a shout from below caught her attention. "Chat, I need you to do me a favor.""Anything, my Lady." He seemed to have snapped himself out of his funk, looking at her with the same trust and adoration he always did."Don't freak out." Leaving that as his only warning, Ladybug pulled Chat's mouth down on her own, burying her hands in his hair and pressing herself against him.

”After learning where someone grew up, there are so many other directions to go!

Pictures were snapped with shaking hands as the fangirls documented the miracle in front of them. The next day Bonnie had posted three new chapters of the fic and several pictures of the night before.

After a few minutes of forgetting her original purpose, Ladybug had the clarity of mind to pull away. " The girl sounded like she was on the verge of passing out. Marinette had liked life more when she hadn't known about fanfiction.

A subsection of Alya's Ladyblog was dedicated to links to stores with superhero themed merchandise and forums where fans could talk. Marinette loved the people of Paris, she really did, but graphic fanfiction of her and her extremely platonic partner was where she drew the line. " Alya had hardly sat down when Marinette shot out the question, still tense from the knowledge that such stories even existed.

The fans were, so Alya claimed at least, the best part of the entire operation. Rolling her eyes, Alya set down her bag with a sigh.

Stepping back from a very stunned looking Chat Noir, Ladybug faced the girls below her. The first fanfic Chat recommended is a real fic and it's really cute: you know how hard it is to find fics that don't mention Marinette and Adrien's civilian selves? The fic Marinette was obsessed with was actually just a reference to the song "Something to talk about" by Bonnie Raitt since it's what inspired this fic. It was a lot of dialogue and I'm still trying to fix that but meh.

Constructive criticism and comments are appreciated, thank you for reading!

We’d go somewhere and he’d say something like, “oh, my Chinese girlfriend from high school took me to get dim sum too.

It was an authentic place filled with lots of Chinese people who didn’t speak English.”I get that someone’s just trying to show appreciation for “my” food culture or seeking a point of connection, but there’s a haunting connection between the exotification of Asian people and the exotification of our food cultures.

'Why didn't you tell me you were crushing on Chat Noir? 'There's nothing wrong with having a type.'Marinette gawked at the paper before discretely scratching back, 'What? After a shell-shocked few seconds, Chat returned her kiss hesitantly, hands resting gently at her sides. "Don't keep me and my kitten apart for too long, okay?

Below them, the girls were shrieking in excitement. " It came out more squeaks than words."Do me a favor? " With a wink and a wave, Ladybug ran away before she had the chance to do anything else she'd regret.

It was no secret that Alya was a major fan of the Lucky Duo.