Error updating database

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This prevents another instance of pacman from trying to alter the package database at the same time.

This could take quite a while depending on how up-to-date the system is.Pacman tries to bypass this by a lookup through a key-server, which might not be possible e.g.behind proxys or firewalls and results in the stated error. It looks like previous pacman transaction removed or corrupted shared libraries needed for pacman itself.Note: Packages often have a series of optional dependencies which are packages that provide additional functionality to the application, albeit not strictly required for running it.When installing a package, pacman will list its optional dependencies among the output messages, but they will not be found in Warning: When installing packages in Arch, avoid refreshing the package list without upgrading the system (for example, when a package is no longer found in the official repositories).The pacman package manager is one of the major distinguishing features of Arch Linux.

It combines a simple binary package format with an easy-to-use build system.If you receive this error message with correct mirrors, try setting a different name server.Hi guys, Had an issue with drive where the databases are running out of space.To recover from this situation you need to unpack required libraries to your filesystem manually.First find what package contains the missed library and then locate it in the pacman cache ( flag as you just unpacked system files and pacman does not know about it. Some issues have been reported regarding network problems that prevent pacman from updating/synchronizing repositories.The order of repositories in the configuration file matters; repositories listed first will take precedence over those listed later in the file when packages in two repositories have identical names, regardless of version number.