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One of her stops is a chat with her best friend Dr.

Schirripa • Federico Castelluccio • John Ventimiglia • Joe Pantoliano • Robert Funaro • Kathrine Narducci • Vincent Curatola • Steve Buscemi • Frank Vincent • Dan Grimaldi • Joseph R.

So with the opportunity to make a fresh start, Jackie fell victim to old excesses, overdosing at the party commemorating the hospital’s closure, as she prepared to move on to a new job and to formalize her relationship with her one-time lover turned fiancé Eddie (Paul Schulze).

The strange merry-go-round that has been Jackie’s life was perfectly summed up via the song that played over the climactic sequence, the theme from “Valley of the Dolls,” which asks the musical questions, “Is this a dream? ” The finale indulged in one moment of nostalgia, bringing back Eve Best’s Dr.

At the same time, Jackie’s a reasonably good mother, a good if occasionally erratic friend and an outstanding nurse who often does more for patients than the doctors, who undercut their medical skills by usually being jerks.

Did we mention “Nurse Jackie” is billed as a comedy?

A la fin de ses études, en 1986, elle commence à entrer dans l’impitoyable circuit des castings tout en vivant de petits boulots.

C'est ainsi qu'elle endosse le costume de clown ou autres déguisements lors de mariages et d’anniversaires.

Jackie is seriously addicted to painkillers, which she began taking because she has a bad back, and a nurse with a bad back is like a racehorse with a broken leg.

She also drinks a bit too much and, oh yes, she cheats on her husband, partly or mostly because her hookup buddy supplies her with scrip for more painkillers.

Once again, those seeking definitive closure from a series sendoff (and if you haven’t watched) will likely have to deal with a bit of a letdown.

That said, the title character has always been defined by her contradictions – a caring and principled presence at All Saints Hospital, but a self-destructive train wreck in her complicated personal life.

Jackie asserts she has nothing to worry about and ends the call quickly.