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It was only when they later picked and tasted the hemp seeds in the fields that they were inspired by its taste and subsequently developed culinary products.And so began a journey to build a business that, like all the best journeys, never had a specific destination in mind.

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It's something they still do, their latest film being 2009's Everybody's Fine, with Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore. Having both grown up on farms, they wanted to start farming themselves and looked at options for sustainable farming.

The experience of producing protein products opened their eyes to this really exciting and rapidly growing area in food production, she told me.

They've spent the last two years developing a new hemp protein, their first foray into a mainstream market.

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Key to the economy in Northern Europe for centuries, hemp had fallen out of fashion but fitted their requirements perfectly.

Hemp is hugely beneficial to the environment: a crop that is both sustainable and profitable – and they grew it for fibre used in the BMW 5 and 3 series.

I have your hemp milk for breakfast so you are preaching to the converted, but what are the benefits of hemp protein?

Two glasses of hemp milk gives us our entire daily intake of Omega 3, has no allergens unlike milk or soya, is free from GMOs and is easy to digest.

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Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have both been long time admirers of her Good Oil and she recalls having to deliver several cases of Good hemp milk to a grand hotel in London for the use of Cher when she was last in town.