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In August 2013, Bass became an executive producer of the documentary film Kidnapped for Christ along with Mike C. The film sheds light on controversial behavior modification methods used on children, sent there by their parents, at an Evangelical Christian reform school in the Dominican Republic.

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Of this experience Bass said, "I was certain from then on that my future was to be involved with space." the youngest child of former longtime Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale.Lance Bass finished in third place and produced its second feature film, Lovewrecked, in 2005.The film debuted on the ABC Family Channel in January 2007, and starred Amanda Bynes, Chris Carmack and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, with Bass in a minor role. Bass later formed a separate production company named Lance Bass Productions.Along with increasing fame and recognition in the United States the band also experienced a highly publicized legal battle with Pearlman, due to what the group believed were illicit business practices on his part.NSYNC sued Pearlman and his record company, Trans Continental, for defrauding the group of more than 50% of their earnings, rather than his original promise of only receiving one-sixth of the profits. Today, I’m really happy, and Justin and I are really great friends. And I understand what he was going through, and it was as hard for him as it was for any of us." Vowing to keep the company "a strictly family-run operation," Bass employed his parents and sister as talent scouts, and recruited childhood friend and aspiring country singer Meredith Edwards for the company's first release.I don't think it's wrong, I'm not devastated going through this.

I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. Bass's announcement received a large amount of media attention.There had been considerable media speculation about his orientation due to numerous paparazzi snapshots of him at gay bars and nightclubs, most notably during the preceding Independence Day weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts.The thing is, I'm not ashamed – that's the one thing I want to say.In 2014, Bass guest starred on an episode of the Comedy Central series, Review, in which he visited space along with the show's lead character.In 2015, Bass joined season two of The Meredith Vieira Show as a full-time contributing panelist.The American public's reaction was generally positive, with Bass receiving "overwhelming support" from many teenagers and young adults who grew up listening to 'N Sync.

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    ’ In most of the civilised world, holding doors open for women is considered to be chivalrous and the behavior of a gentlemen. If I’m about to walk into a cafe, and there’s a woman walking in at the same time, I’ll pause and hold the door open for her. A look that says “this guy has just escaped from mental health institution.” Holding doors open for Dutch women will earn you scorn and contempt.

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