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Hank's lawyer in Season 4 is called Abby Rhoads; his first three novels, South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss and God Hates Us All, are all named after Slayer albums.The books Crack the Sky and Blood Mountain by Richard Bates are also the names of two Mastodon albums.

which premiered on Sunday September 27, 2009 at 10 pm. It frequently alludes to Warren Zevon and featured Henry Rollins in a guest appearance; some episode titles, such as "Filthy Lucre" and "Turn the Page", allude to album and song names (Sex Pistols' "Filthy Lucre Live" and Bob Seger's "Turn the Page", respectively).Hank moves in with Ashby, who—to Hank's dismay—starts a romance with Mia. Mia's book is a hit and Ashby holds a party in her honor, where Damien cheats on Becca while Charlie announces he wants to leave Marcy for Daisy.After the party, Hank sees that Ashby's old girlfriend, the one who got away, has finally resurfaced.This incident is believed to be an homage to Mia Wallace's overdose in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Charlie ends up working at a BMW dealership in the Valley, introducing himself as Chuck Runkle.Sonja's baby arrives; it is biracial, which proves that Hank cannot be the father. Karen is offered a job in New York and Hank is happy to go there with her.Hank proposes to Karen on the night they discover that Hank could be the father of Sonja's child.

Karen refuses his proposal, leading him to go back to his old ways; continuing the show's central focus on clandestine sexuality.Mia proceeds to harass Hank during his visits to his family.She uses the threat of illegal sex charges to extort stories from him that she passes off as her own for her high-school creative-writing class.Californication is an American comedy-drama television series created by Tom Kapinos, which aired for seven seasons on Showtime from August 13, 2007, to June 29, 2014.The show follows New Yorker Hank Moody (David Duchovny), a troubled novelist who moves to California and suffers from writer's block.His drinking, womanizing, and drug abuse complicate his relationships with his longtime lover Karen (Natascha Mc Elhone) and their daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin).

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