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First dates can also have the added pressure of being awkward which doesn’t help calm your nerves. Planning your outfit ahead of your date is very beneficial.

It eases your mind from the outfit stress before the date, knowing that when you chose the outfit you were clearheaded and relaxed. Carrying around your anxiety and taught nerves to a date isn’t bound to end well.The lighter the topic, the easier your date will find it to chip in and give their experiences too.If you’re lost for ideas, this video shows 36 non-traditional questions to ask on a first date: Pick a location that you can be comfortable at, but not too comfortable.These negative feelings will hinder you from enjoying yourself and even get reflected on your date.Do something that makes you happy and boosts your mood before the date.In order to look nice and present yourself in an impressionable way, you need a great outfit to boost you.

Leaving the outfit decision until the last second will make you anxious and stressed out right before the date.Staying on the positive and thinking of how much fun you’ll have and what a great outfit you picked will help you avoid anxiety.Think of all the strong points of the date, like the food you’ll eat and the enjoyment you’ll feel when you watch that movie.It’s a good idea to come up with a few conversation topics to talk about.Dates can get a bit awkward when you can’t think of something to talk about.Choosing easy topics with a bit of interesting personal experiences will make the date run smoothly.

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