Dating someone who has cheated before

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Dating someone who has cheated before

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Well, what if you found out this same guy, who is totally into you and perfect, had cheated on his significant other in the past? And yes, there are some people who are just flat-out cheaters.

That said, this guy may have a better understand about what he needs in a relationship and about who he is as a person. Below are 15 REAL reasons you should give that cutie with a spotted past a chance.

No one can deny the fact that television shows and films make cheating look like the hottest thing in the world.

He won't think about having to hide texts from his side chick.

He won't consider how difficult it actually is to arrange a meet-up with his side chick.

He won't know the anxiety of having to create lie after lie.

Hey buddy, it’s not just having a bang sesh in a car on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Her husband would also have to ponder a thing or two, perhaps most important: Could I trust her to never cheat again?

While we should all cross our fingers, toes, and hearts that we never find ourselves in their situation—that is to say, our relationships, whatever their nature, exposed on You Tube for the world to see and judge—many of us will one day have to contemplate whether we're willing to date someone who's cheated in the past, even if it wasn't on or with us. According to a University of Denver study from earlier this year, those who cheated in their last relationship are 3.5 times likely to cheat in their next relationship too.

You’d think just the idea of inflicting that level of emotional damage would be enough to keep all people faithful forever, but apparently not. If a guy has actually cheated on his previous partner, he’s seen firsthand how hurtful cheating is to the significant other. More often, the situation is that relationship is failing for some specific reason. Like we said, infidelity often happens as a response to something going on in the relationship.

Again, we’re not pro-cheaters, but we’re just being realistic.

What we’re saying is you should totally date a guy who cheated in the past. In real life, it’s much more complicated because you're trying not to get caught every single moment of your life.

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