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(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Yuu suddenly moved to the next house because his father is doubled the distance of living is worried.

Ha Mi-so is his secretary helping him with his daily tasks in the office.

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: It is a stupid experience of youths who are suffering from love.

Eriko learned the wind of his boyfriend, the vengeful headwind operation! Eriko wants Kazumi to be more affectionate, Kazumi does not always walk somewhere dignified and affectionate, and she easily forgets her girlfriend’s birthday. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Mitsuo, a hospital cleaner, loves Mizura, a hospital nurse and daughter.

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Hirako and Hanako work as sisters and teachers of the same high school.

Hanako lives with her older sister Hirako and brother-in-law Norio after her parents have died, and she keeps friendly with her brother.

HISAE and Hiroyuki loved it hotly, but I thought about it, too, but ...

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: A young maid, referred to as “Mai-chan”, happens to be immortal, and her mistress forces her to participate in sexual acts with customers, who are allowed to do whatever they want to her.One day, when the summer vacation begins, the school will hold a five – day class for a home visit ...(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Kumi married Yoshio who met by the line. Almost every day Yoshio is having sex and getting tired and sleeping in the ...One day, a woman whose name is Yoo-ra visits the office and requests him to investigate about a man named Min-ho, whom she ...Yuriko’s Aroma (2010) sinopsis 30 something year old Yuriko (Noriko Eguchi) works as a aromatherapist at an aroma salon.A human pattern that comes into view as complicated and tricky drama, mainly A child, develops. When a Japanese housewife has an affair while her husband is hard at work providing for the family the phrase goes ‘heijitsu hirugao tsuma.’ When a Japanese woman sleeps with a married teacher she is shunned and shamed and has to change her name and residence. One day, Keizo’s secretary Asagi, comes to see her and informs that her father passed away.

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