Dating sim witch spell

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Dating sim witch spell - Wechat swingers

If it's just a normal sim walking by there, go back to high speed. Now, while paused, cancel your sims meditation, and queue up a few 'Greet' interactions with the Witch (In case one times out while your sim gets to their feet).The witch will stay on the lot for an hour, if she doesn't get any interactions, before she leaves, so if you paused quickly enough, you should easily have time to talk to her.

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Stay away from lots with restaurants, Coffee Baristas, and group fun activities. Basic Info: With the new expansion pack, come a new type of 'occult' sim. These are both the same type of occult sim, only the word Witch refers to a female sim, and Warlock refers to a male sim. Permission given for use on: Prima Guide to Apartment Life consulted for statistics and spell information.The Good Witch is more likely to arrive during daylight, and also when it's raining.The Evil Witch has increased chances of arriving when it's night, and not raining. I've seen Good Witches arrive at night, and Evil Witches when it's already been raining.Step 1: Finding a Head Witch This seems to be the problem most players have with the new Witches.

Making the initial contact with a Head Witch, which will allow them to have playable witches.

Once interacted with, she remains on the lot like any other sim, usually casting another spell when left alone, this time to summon a spectral cat (See Spells).

The chances of a Head Witch arrival are altered by some situations.

In any case, the key thing to finding a witch is patience. Which can be a problem as I've just advised you to steer clear of lots that can keep your sims needs topped up and let them stay longer.

The solution to this dilemma is the self interaction, meditation.

Try to pick a place where you can keep an eye on the Phone Booth. While waiting in speeded up time, keep close attention on the witch arrival area (The Phonebooth).

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