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A list of the names of Donation Land claimants giving their rank, regiment, lot number, and district where lot was located.The Donation Land tracts actually surveyed are depicted by Map 6 appearing on page 164 of Donna Bingham Munger, Pennsylvania Land Records, A History and Guide for Research (Wilmington: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 1991).

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Despite the title given to this series in Donna Munger's Pennsylvania Land Records, A History and Guide for Research, it primarily contains lists compiled by regimental captains of the names of absentee soldiers whose fines were not paid.A list of the names of Pennsylvania Line veterans entitled to Donation lands giving their rank, regiment, number of acres to which they were entitled, and whether a lot was drawn.Occasional comments give the names and dates applications were made in the right of others, whether the veteran was killed in action, or other unusual circumstances.The balance is a warrant register for riverbeds providing similar information and covering the period 1848-1857.The first 113 pages of this volume are a warrant register for islands covering the period 1798-1899.Lying just to the north of the Depreciation Lands, the Donation Lands were set aside to provide tracts to donate to each Pennsylvania Line soldier and officer who served in Continental service to the end of the war.

Donation land tracts occupied parts of the present day counties of Lawrence, Butler, Mercer, Venango, Crawford, Warren and Erie.

The first two pages contain a copy of the return of survey for the twenty-five islands in the Schuylkill River that were originally warranted to the proprietors in 1760 and surveyed in 1763. Information given is date of the order, name of the applicant, county and township where applicant resided, county and river where island was located, name of the nearest property owner on shore, a description of the location, the names of the appraisers, the date the view and appraisal was conducted, and the date approved.

The first 130 pages are a warrant register for islands covering the period 1797-1906 giving the date of the warrant, warrant number, name of warrantee, acreage, and location of the island.

The proprietors subsequently made special grants of these islands to purchasers who were willing to pay the highest price.

After the formation of the Commonwealth, islands transferred to private ownership were subject to view and appraisal and were usually sold at public auction and the records documenting the transfer were therefore filed separately in the Land Office.

Information given is the warrant date, warrant number, name of warrantee, number of acres, location, and terms of sale.

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