Dating old soda bottle

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Dating old soda bottle - de dk dating online

Each of the green question hyperlinks result in a pop-up page showing the particular question on the Dating Page; once read it should be deleted to avoid clutter.

With each chart the reader will find accompanying pictures to further aid in bottle identification and age.The Bottle Dating Wizard will guide you through the dating process in an easy to use way, based on your bottle's attributes or characteristics.This works with all countries in North America and will date bottles up to 1920.(Specifics on what a pontil looks like or how to tell the age based on the mold seam can be found in Bottle Basics.) While these two characteristics are often a strong clue to age, readers will be further helped by developing an understanding how the various categories of bottles changed over time.To aid beginning collectors and those interested in bottles I have developed a number of bottle time lines.This dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes.

Enter each of the following attributes of your bottle.

-It is made of thick, heavy glass for its size, weighing almost 1 lb.

-There are molded (embossed) "swirls" on the shoulder and upper body of the bottle.

If a user needs to refresh themselves on the terminology used to describe the various parts of the bottle, click on Bottle Morphology to view a pop-up page of physical bottle feature definitions.

Once the likely bottle age or date range is determined, some examples of other places to look for more information is provided.: -It is about 9" (23 cm) in height and 2 3/8th inches (6 cm) in diameter.

Your bottle may date after 1920, if that date is the calculated ending date.

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