Dating nippon porcelain

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Dating nippon porcelain

Items with these marks dated between about 19 when WWII began. Czecho-slovakia (with a hyphen) dates an item as having been produced in the 1920s.After WWII, there were very few imports from these countries because of the Soviet occupation, although considered trade continued with Poland.

Early chinese imports are unmarked or marked with chinese characters.Indonesia came into existence in 1949 and Malaysia in 1963.Obviously any item marked with those names is recent.(You will find nothing imported between 19.) Trade resumed in 1945 with the same "made in Japan" mark required but Japanese manufacturers found that "made in occupied japan" was an easier mark to sell to the Americans.That label was widely (but not exclusively) used until 1952 when the occupation ended.From 1891 until 1949 their production was marked "made in China." but, because of domestic instability in China (the Boxer Rebellion, the Republican Revolution, regional Warlords, Civil War, Japanese aggression, etc.), there was relatively little trade with that country during that period.

From 1949 to the mid 1970s there were no trade relations with mainland China. production came to be labeled "made in Taiwan." Italy and France are both major sources of contemporary glass items.

The island of Taiwan, however, became a major source for gee-gaws during the 1960s until it also moved on to pricier electronic items. In the mid 70s, trade gradually resumed with the mainland and their production is marked "Made in the People's Republic of China." In 1978, the United States fully normalized relations with mainland China and their production again became "made in China" while R. In particular, watch out for kitchen items made in shapes and colors resembling old glass and 1920s deco decorative motifs.

Taiwanese production from this era is marked "made in Republic of China" or "made in China (R. Some of the items are made of very heavy glass resembling early bottles in color and manufacturing techniques.

Labeling then returned to the "made in Japan" form.

We recently found an item marked "Made in Allied Japan" which seems to date from this period.

But as the Japanese economy developed and grew more robust, their production focus changed from friction motor lady bug toys to the automotive and electronics industries.

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