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During his time in Latvia, he says he has “lived through it all.I arrived when Latvia had just regained its independence.

Less than 2.7% of Latvia’s population is classed as ethnically ‘other’.

He qualified as a gastroenterologist, and continues to practice at several centres and hospitals in Riga.

In 2010 the successful doctor decided to run as a member of parliament, and although he didn’t make it that year, in 2014 he succeeded in becoming a member of the Saeima [the Latvian Parliament].

Before moving to Riga, the 35-year-old Egyptian and his wife lived between Cairo and Alexandria.

But when the country started becoming increasingly unstable prior to the 2011 revolution, Hesham and his wife decided to move to Riga.

“When I was in Algeria, I met many foreigners who asked me where I was I was going to go, and many of them were surprised that I chose Latvia – they had never heard of it.

My other main reason for coming here is that the Baltic region’s start-up community is growing rapidly, so I thought I could learn a lot,” he explains enthusiastically.

But I was wrong, the culture and people here are different.

In general, it’s really nice here in Latvia and you can make it if you try.” He says that most of the Latvians he has met speak English, even amongst the older generations.

Hosam Abu Meri is one of the most prominent members of the Latvian Arab community.

He arrived in Riga in 1993, completing his studies in medicine as part of a first trial course which ran in English.

In addition to Lebanese, there are Arabs from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Algeria, amongst other countries. Abu Meri, there are about 500 Arabs registered as living in Latvia, but of these less than 200 are presently there.

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