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The hotel offers complimentary WIFI to all its guests.The hotel has a rich selection of restaurants to choose from including the most popular Outdoor Cafe / Bar in Kolkata - Deck 88 and most popular Bar / Club in Kolkata - Phoenix, apart from the evergreen Kebab-e-que, which has just completed 30 years of operation.

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Awards/Honours: University of Calcutta Gold Medal, 1978; AC Sen Memorial Gold Medal, University of Calcutta, 1978; INSA Young Scientist, 1986; DST Young Scientist, 1988; UNESCO-ROSTCA award in Chemistry 1990; Lockheed-Martin India Innovation Gold Medal, 2008.

Located at the heart of the Central Business and Retail District, the hotel is well-connected to most places of interest and curiosity in Kolkata.

The Astor has recently undergone extensive renovations and is now replete with state of the art facilities and services.

The foundation stone of the old custom house building was laid by Lord Hastings on 12 February 1819.

It was situated on the river bank and contiguous to the anchorage of trading vessel to the port of Calcutta.

The first vessel arrived at Calcutta Dock in June 1892.

It was the Portuguese who first used Garden Reach anchorage about 450 years ago.

But it's not just our the location that keeps guests coming back again and again!

The hotel provides a hassle free experience through its 24X7 culture ensuring complete care and comfort for its guests.

The examination and valuation of goods for assessment purposes was entrusted to a staff of eighteen Appraisers, while the guarding of vessels and patrolling of the port to prevent smuggling was assigned to 205 Preventive Officers under the control of the Superintendent of Preventive services and salt department.

Those officers were also in charge of the discharge of cargo, the loading and unloading of salt at the warehouses, etc.

From the trade statistics available during the contemporary period, it is seen that the to\tal export turnover in 1874-75 was Rs.28,60,74,128, while the total import turnover in that financial year was Rs.25,64,91,902.

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