Dating historic houses

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Dating historic houses - Live chatsxe vedo

Landmarks Illinois included the building, a public lakefront estate shuttered since the Evanston Art Center...(Bob Seidenberg)Drummond lived in the house until he died there from a stomach ailment in 1890.

They measure 12 by 16 inches and are made of weatherproof MDO (medium density overlay) signboard which has been finished with three coats of special sign painter’s oil based primer and an enamel topcoat.

Please mail your order form to the Medford Historical Society, 10 Governors Ave., Medford, MA 02155.

Each custom-made marker shows the date your home was built and displays the official logo of the Medford Historical Society. The marker should be placed on the outside of your home, at eye level, facing the street.

Airhart officials have billed the proposed five detached, courtyard-style homes — which would range in size from 2,400 to 3,000 square feet — as a logical extension to the existing courtyard-style homes that face Seminary Avenue immediately to the north of the property, across an alley.

Neighbors, however, have criticized Airhart's project for being too dense.

If you already know the date of construction of your house, please submit any proof you have for confirmation.

The Medford Historical Society will do its best to correctly identify/authenticate the date your home was built.Fitch was absent from the final vote, and Rutledge, while acknowledging his opposition to the project, voted in favor of final approval, noting that the ordinance in front of the council captured the entire council's feeling."I'm looking at this narrowly saying, we have in front of us an ordinance, and does it reflect the intent of the council, and it does," he said.Homeowners can now celebrate the rich architectural history of Medford with an attractive historical marker that shows the original date their house was built.Holes are pre-drilled and screws are provided for installation.Markers sell for 5 (0 for Medford Historical Society members).Also, neighbors and some council members objected to Airhart's plan for the homes to have an east-west orientation instead of the north-south orientation of the courtyard-style homes immediately to the north."I feel this is not the right plan for the south half of that block," Councilman John Rutledge told colleagues earlier this month.

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    A beautiful Italianate Victorian was nearly lost to history but for the passerby. It's fairly dangerous to have around, even more so if it's brittle.

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