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So do scores of customers at Kelly’s Sports in West Chester.

The reviews were favorable, said Ben Davis, a former major-leaguer who is now Phillies color commentator on Comcast Sports Net.

He knows the Mc Cardell family and got Prowler bats into the hands of Stairs, who shared them with other Phillies.

“It’s the toughest bat to keep in stock,” said Ronnie Brittingham, manager and buyer at the family-owned store.

“It’s the best bat we sell in wood.” Whether Prowlers ever make it into an MLB game depends on whether Mc Cardell is willing to make the kind of big investment required to get there.

For now, Mc Cardell spends many weekends on the road, attending tournaments and encouraging players to try his bats.

Muhammad Ali once called Hank Aaron, “The only man I idolize more than myself.” These two titans of the American sports scene have much in common as heroes who endured racism and faced down challenges with conviction.

Unlike Mc Cardell, Chandler, a woodworker, started his business to serve professional players.

“I figured if what I had was worthy, it would work,” he said.

Chandler welcomes the competition from Prowler, just as the principals at Hillerich & Bradsby, makers of Louisville Slugger, have been supportive of his efforts.

“I applaud Mc Cardell and his desire to be in it,” Chandler said, adding that the path to success will be understanding the market and differentiating Prowler from the competition.

See this original art installation that explores the historic role both athletes played in the fight for civil rights, and inspires guests to examine their own convictions and beliefs.

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