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One who put on the religious habit, and lived for some time among the professed, was herself considered as professed.

Besides those who took the veil of virgins of their own accord, or decided to embrace the religious life, there were others who were offered by their parents by their parents before they were old enough to be consulted.

The Holy See, by its Regulations (Normae) of 28 June, 1901, declares that it does not approve of congregations whose object is to render certain services in seminaries or colleges for male pupils, or to teach children or young people of both sexes; and it disapproves their undertaking the direct care of young infants, or lying-in women.

These services should be given only in exceptional circumstances.

The constitution of Benedict XIV, "Quamvis justo" of 30 April, 1749, on the subject of the Congregation of English Virgins was the prelude to the legislation of Leo XIII, who by his constitution "Conditae" of 8 December, 1900, laid down the laws common to congregations with simple vows, dividing these into two great classes, congregations under diocesan authority, subject to the bishops, and those under pontifical law.

(1) As regards their object they may be purely contemplative, seeking personal perfection by close union with God ; such are most of the strictly enclosed congregations, as Premonstratensian Canonesses, Carmelites, Poor Clares, Collettines, Redemptoristines ; or they may combine this with the practice of works of charity , foreign missions, like the White Sisters of Cardinal Lavigerie, and certain Franciscan Tertiaries ; the eduction of young girls, like the Ursulines and Visitandines; the care of the sick, orphans, lunatics, and aged persons, like many of the congregations called Hospitallers, Sisters of Charity, Daughters of St. When the works of mercy are corporal, and above all carried on outside the convent, the congregations are called active.

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In the thirteenth century, the Mendicant Orders appeared characterized by a more rigorous poverty, which excluded not only private property, but also the possession of certain kinds of property in common. From the time of the Mendicant Orders, founded specially for preaching and missionary work, there was a great difference between the orders of men and women, arising from the strict enclosure to which women were subjected.

This rigorous enclosure usual in the East, was imposed on all nuns in the West, first by bishops and particular councils, and afterwards by the Holy See. Hence it was impossible for religious to undertake works of charity incompatible with the enclosure.

Cyprian describes a virgin who had broken her vows as an adulteress ("Ep. Virgins vowed to the service of God, at first continued to live with their families, but as early as the end of the third century there were community houses known as partheuones ; and certainly at the beginning of the same century the virgins formed a special class in the Church, receiving Holy Communion before the laity. There were monasteries of virgins or nuns at Rome, throughout Italy, Gaul, Spain, and the West.

Tertullian distinguishes between those virgins who took the veil publicly in the assembly of the faithful, and others known to God alone; the veil seems to have been simply that of married women. Augustine addressed to the nuns a letter of direction from which subsequently his rule was taken.

In the West under the discipline in force for several centuries, these oblates were considered as bound for life by the offering made by their parents.

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